Indian Model Agrees To Arranged Marriage With Taxi Driver After He Wins ₹9,43,49,014!

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A 5ft 6 unlucky-in-love Taxi Driver unexpectedly married the most gorgeous woman in all of Mumbai, after a remarkable turn of fortune.

27 year old Vihaan Patel, of Mumbai, had never been married, had no kids, and worked as a taxi driver earning barely enough to put food on his plate. He was single and his parents begged him to get married every day, but he had little to no options that is until one day every woman in Mumbai was flocking at his door! One such lady was 23 year old Indian Model, Myra Khatri.

What had happened to make Vihaan become so attractive to the opposite sex? Well, one day, he came into a serious amount of money, thanks to winning the Jackpot on Captain Cooks. After netting over ₹9,00,00,000, the women of Mumbai now found Vihaan irresistible!

It all changed while Vihaan was browsing Facebook on his break, Vihaan came across an online site giving away 150 free spins. With nothing to lose and 15 minutes of free time, he decided to try his luck. At first he only won Rs. 9000, so he decided it was his lucky day. He then deposited Rs. 650 for another round of play. What happened 2 minutes later would change his family’s fate FOREVER .

And this is when the story gets good…

In one single spin, Vihaan won the progressive jackpot at Grand Mondial Casino, cashing out on ₹9,43,49,014 in a matter of 5 seconds. Having won more than enough to instantly retire in a single spin, his Taxi job came to an abrupt end.

"I just didn't believe it at first," says Vihaan. "I thought it was all a dream after Claiming my free spins, I hit the jackpot on Mega Moolah. I confirmed my age & claimed ₹9,43,49,014 in my bank. I was shocked it was deposited in my bank the next day! I couldn't wait to share the news with my parents. Tears started swelling up in my eyes and I knew this was all real."

Despite folk’s concerns about Myra's motives, Vihaan remains unfazed. “My parents pressured me every single day to get married, and to tell you the truth I never thought I would. I mean who wants to marry a short taxi cab driver. If money is the reason Myra is marrying me than I am okay with it. I am blessed to have found love and I will love Myra until the day I am gone.”

And while one of the bigger winners of the giveaway, Vihaan certainly isn’t the only one to cash out on Grand Mondial Casino's free spins for Indians promo. Since the promotion began last month, over 240 players in India have won money from playing. However, it appears the giveaway will be soon ending as the company has already paid out over ₹1,00,00,00,000 in total winnings this last month.

Our reporter Anika Sood couldn't help and also tried her hand at the jackpot but only walked away with a ₹9,485 win - "you can’t always win as big as Vihaan sadly!"

We have followed up with Grand Mondial Casino and they have said they are not going to be able to offer this promotion for a long period of time, and have confirmed this promotion will end on

We are obviously hoping they extend this promotion, but it's looking doubtful, so we recommend depositing some rupee and trying it ASAP! You could be more wealthy this time tomorrow...

Will You Be The Next Winner?

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  • Charlotte Tegelstein
    I saw this on a couple of blogs that I follow. Where they give people free spins to help them win in order to gain brand awareness. Haha, I'm not complaining! Hopefully I'm still in time to enroll!
  • Ruby Ethard
    Perfect timing then! This is exactly what my husband and I need to pay our bills! Wish me luckkk ..
  • Ben Hofland
    Hmmm, okay, I just won $250. It is not 900k, but hey I can go fine dining with this ahahahah!
    • Sophie Steenhorst
      Hmm now I am really going to try this. Who knows, maybe I win some money and I can finally quit my job! Has anyone tried this here?
  • Emily Janssen
    @@Quincy Try it, it worked for me! Last week I won about $900. Haters keep hating .. but winners try new things. So .. try it dude!
  • Quincy Klaassen
    What a load of shit. This must be fake, screw these patties.
  • Bert Broersen
    My brother works at a competitor of Captain Cook and he told me that this site is notorious for its simple way in order to earn quick money. So I tried these games: "Mermaids Treasure," "Shiswood Surprise" and "Crack the Safe” and won between 2 and 4 times my deposit !!
  • Mara van Daveren
    I'm a frequent gambler on the Internet and in all the forums I visited them to talk about the Captain Cook. It is rumored that they are going to be the biggest online gambling site in the world within three years, and for this reason they give so many free credits away. They do so in order to retain customers. The time to cash is NOW !!!
  • Ellen Broekkooi
    Ah, I've heard of this! My stepbrother won $2500 with the free credits you get from them. Not a bad deal, go there yourself now, you have nothing to lose.
  • Sharon Kim
    @Jan Drinking and smoking destroyes lives! You have to make calculated decisions. Everybody gambles sometimes and there's nothing wrong with that, as long as you keep in check!
  • Jan Schaapskooi
    Gambling destroyed lives! You can not do this, this is a shame!

Vihaan Is Not The First Winner This Month

Vihaan is not the first Indian resident who suddenly became rich with 80 Free Spins of Grand Mondial. Patrick Groenendijk (pictured) won $662,112 last month during a bathroom break. He took off his uniform and permanently left his job as Assistant Manager at a local retail store. Now he is on a permanent vacation at the Canary Islands! Patrick had this to day “I still can’t believe it, this type of stuff doesn’t happen to people like me.”

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